Vastu – To believe or not?

Vastu_BeliefThere are many instances I can cite where people have refused to believe in Vastu as a science. This is merely because of the negative impression one gets due to the way Vastu is promoted these days. Vastu has become a new tool for some claimed astrologers, who try to sell this service by scaring about ill-effects of not following Vastu.
Vastu is a science of architecture and energy. We know and believe that every individual is a packet of energy. Sometimes this energy gets depleted and one fall ill or feel low. When we are full of energy we feel elated. People talk about positive and negative energy. I believe there is only one thing – Energy. Either there is surplus energy or deficiency which we call as positive or negative.
Similarly, our surroundings also consist of energy. There are places where we feel good like garden full of flowers and places where we avoid going like graveyard. In our own house also, there are some favorite spots, some favorite corner we like to spend our time. Also, there are some areas where we seldom sit. Vastu science balances these energies. A house with a good feeling attached is automatically a Vastu correct house.
Architecture is the base knowledge for Vastu Science. A Vastu consultant should have the skill of designing and modifying spaces. One has to know about buildings well before suggesting any changes.
Unfortunately, Vastu is not taught as a subject in architecture colleges and most of the architects are devoid from this great science. That’s why today anybody is claiming to be a Vastu consultant. Vastu science is very different from astrology. One need to be careful while choosing a Vastu consultant. It is as crucial as choosing the right doctor.
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